Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my desired POL or POD not available?
If you could not find the port of your choice as a POL or POD, try entering the state (if seeking a US port) or country you are trying to ship to or from to see if there is another city/port available. If not, then this is a custom rate that is not available through the Xport website, but can be obtained of you contact us directly by clicking here .

When will I be billed?
Payments can be made through either use of a credit card or a bank draft. Payments will be processed within 1-2 business days of booking a shipment. However, depending on the volume of cargo being shipped, it is possible to defer payment until the sailing date of the carrier ship your cargo is being transported on.

Can I cancel my order?
You may cancel your order at anytime as long as there is no activity on the shipment / containers. If containers have been received and shipment needs to be cancelled, there shall be a cancelation fee of $500 per container/shipment.