Ideas to Grow Your Exporting Book of Business

For an international shipper, finding potential/prospective clients to purchase your goods is a key enabler for success. As luck would have it, within the United States there are many databases that can be used to investigate the different businesses (both in terms of potential clients and competitors) in the Industry in terms of location, business size, industry and etc.  At Xport, we found that a solid lead generation model is only part of the solution. First, generating leads through different channels is critical. The analogy is akin to attempting to fish with more than one type of bait. Second, having a strong and expansive personal network helps to create exposure to different industries that ultimately you may desire to engage with.

Third, establish strategic partnerships with folk. The figure below represents a potential method for engaging with new clients. No matter how you approach the lead generation process, we recommend you find a way to translate such preparations in to general system that can both be evolved overtime and be a source of new clients to help your business keep growing. For more information/details, please contact the experts at!